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In this school year of new life, we will be using the Saints as guides and role models to help us be more like Jesus.  There is so much we can learn from them.

We believe that if the children really knew more about them, they would see how “cool” the Saints truly are.  So, how will we do this?

On the first Monday of the month, we will introduce the Saint of the Month at our morning prayer rally.  We will talk about that Saint’s virtues and how we can be more like that Saint.

Being more like the saints will bring fresh starts, new life, and hope.  Please ask your children about the Saints each month!

November Saint of the Month:St. Martin of Tours

This month our students will be learning about the life of St. Martin of Tours, and emulating his virtue of selflessness.

When students are spotted being selfless, (or doing other good deeds), they will earn a white circle to add to our monthly caterpillar, which will turn into a butterfly, through their hard work!


(At the right is October’s butterfly from doing good deeds, like St Francis of Assisi)





There will be a Wilson Bickford painting class on Monday, December 13th, 5:30-9:30 PM at St. Mary’s Social Hall.

Social distancing guidelines will be followed. Mask required.
Mr. Bickford will provide all supplies and his instruction to help you create your own 8×10  “Christmas Candles” painting.
The cost is $45 per person and will benefit Trinity Catholic School.
6th grade students and older are welcome to attend.
Call Trinity to reserve your spot, 315-769-5911