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In this school year of new life, we will be using the Saints as guides and role models to help us be more like Jesus.  There is so much we can learn from them.

We believe that if the children really knew more about them, they would see how “cool” the Saints truly are.  So, how will we do this?

On the first Monday of the month, we will introduce the Saint of the Month at our morning prayer rally.  We will talk about that Saint’s virtues and how we can be more like that Saint.

Being more like the saints will bring fresh starts, new life, and hope.  Please ask your children about the Saints each month!

January Saint of the MonthSt. André BessetteSt. André’s virtues are humility, piety, and obedience.

Brother André was a lay brother of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was assigned as doorkeeper of Notre Dame College.

Among his many duties, he greeted visitors and tended to their needs.

His desire to increase devotion to St. Joseph inspired him to found a shrine to his favorite saint across the street from Notre Dame College.

He saved the money he earned from giving haircuts at five cents apiece, eventually earning $200 to construct a simple structure.

Brother André was released from his duties as doorkeeper and assigned full-time as the caretaker of the Oratory of St. Joseph.

Many people experienced physical healings after praying with Brother André, and he is credited with thousands of healings associated with his pious devotion to  St. Joseph.



We would like to congratulate Massena native and Trinity alum, Jonny Gustafson

on recently securing his spot on the 2022 Winter Olympics Luge team!



His TCS teachers remember him fondly, and the whole school will be cheering him on!




#teamusa #teamusaluge #gojonny



It looks like his luge races will be held on February 5th and 6th so check your local listings to see when it will air.




Thank you to Mrs. Michele Chartrand for creating this AMAZING mural in our PreK wing!

Mrs. Giroux asked Mrs. Chartrand to liven up our PreK hallway, and that she did! It took her over 1200 hours, coming in only on evenings and weekends to work on it, due to social distancing. The mural includes 56 different children’s book references, 19 Catholic images, and 11 “Easter eggs” to find, including our janitors, Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Chartrand! (And yes, there’s a key 😉). While it was designed for the younger students, we have heard the older students get excited when they spot their favorite characters from when they were younger. It’s also a great resource for our teachers, who can use the walk to the mural to stretch little legs, and then tie in their ELA or religion lessons to images in the mural. What a generous, and truly thoughtful gift Mrs. Chartrand has given to our school for everyone to enjoy.

Channel 7 news broadcast and article about the mural