Dining Hall Info

  Dining Hall Manager: Brenda Bucthino    315-764-0012     

When asked one thing they will miss when leaving TCS, our alumni ALWAYS list our school lunches! We think your children will agree.  A delicious Trinity lunch costs $2.25 and milk is $.60.

Free and Reduced Lunch

We participate in the Federal Lunch Program; therefore parents who meet the guidelines are eligible to apply for the program. The information and forms on Free and Reduced Price lunches are included here. Please apply if you are eligible. This greatly benefits the school if you participate. This information is kept strictly confidential: your child does not need to know that he/she is participating.  Click here for the Department of Agriculture’s Annual News Release regarding Free and Reduced Lunches.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Instruction and fact sheet
• Free and Reduced Lunch Application

My School Bucks

Trinity cafeteria uses the “My School Bucks ” Program (Heartland Payment Systems) for lunch payments. Listed below are some helpful tips for using the “My School Bucks” Program.

• If you have a child attending Massena Central, you need to set up a separate account with a different email address.
• For payments made at school, the transaction can take 12-24 hours for you to view at home.
• If you choose to pay online: At the payment window you have 2 options—on left a one time credit card payment or on right you can pay with Paypal. You would need to login using your Paypal account information, NOT Nutri-Kids login information.
• If you want to have a low balance alert, under profile you need to set balance alert.

****** Be sure to choose  TRINITY CATHOLIC SCHOOL when you are asked for a school district. DO NOT use MASSENA CSD.******

With all the COVID regulations and restrictions, we are encouraging parents to pay their child/children’s lunch accounts online or mail a check to Trinity at 188 Main St. Massena, NY 13662. Make sure that your child’s name is included. If you are having problems setting one up or getting into your existing account, please contact our cafeteria manager, Brenda Butchino.

Ala-Carte Items

We have developed a new policy regarding charging lunches or ala carte items in the cafeteria. Charges may not exceed $20 for the school year. Students with charges of $20 on their accounts will not be able to receive regular menu items for lunch until their balance is paid in full. Students who have the maximum amount charged on their account will only be served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk.