Faculty Directory

You can click on the faculty name to see their page. Find out what their classroom schedules are, email information for teacher, and some post assignments and pictures during the week.


Principal Joyce Giroux
Asst. Principal Michele Bombard
Administrative Asst. Emily Currier
Advancement Director Sarah Tsibulsky
PreK3 Megan Mulvenna
Catherine Leggue
Stacy Oloan
PreK4 Angela Saucier
Jacenta Fregoe
Kindergarten Academy Alanna Tyo, Junior Kindergarten
Sara Fregoe, Kindergarten
Marianne Jadlos, Kindergarten
Grade 1 Jamie Burns                                  Erin McKeever
Grade 2 Vicki Rowe
Grade 3 Curtis Cumming                            Hannah O’Brien
Grade 4 Jessica Woodard
Grade 5 Marianne Augenstein
Grade 6 Michele Bombard
Art McKenna O’Neill
Library / Technology Tammy White
Music Emily Montroy
Physical Education Monica Boyea
Science Lab Ann Borsellino
Recourse Room  Christina Millhausen
BOCES Aide Mary Frances Ross
 Family Support Coordinator Kathy Behrens
Counselor Alison Herne
School Nurse Massena Central Nurse
Maintenance Staff Terry Debiew
Cafeteria Manager Brenda Butchino
Cafeteria Staff Terri Brush
Debbie Tyo
Custodians Nick Hubbard                                Willie Morris