We are always in need of volunteers to help run our Dining Hall.  If you are a parent, grandparent, relative or friend of a Trinity student, we would love to have you help serve and monitor our students as they eat lunch each day.   Responsibilities for a server would include reporting to school by 11:30 and serving lunch to students as they go through the line.  Monitors would also arrive around 11:30 and would rove around the Dining Hall giving out utensils, straws and napkins, as needed, cutting the occasional French toast or sausage, and wiping tables.  Both servers and monitors will be finished working about 1:00 and will be served a delicious Trinity lunch.

Working in the Dining Hall is a wonderful way to assist in our school and a great way to get to visit your favorite student, while getting to know their friends and teachers.

If you are interested, you must have a required background check and VIRTUS® training. Please pick up a release form in the office if you wish to volunteer.  If you do not sign it, you will not be able to work in the school as a volunteer.

Please call Brenda Butchino, our Cafeteria Manager, with any questions you may have at 764-0012.