Principal’s Page

Behold! New Life Has Begun.

A statement and a plea borne out of a global pandemic.  Last summer when the faculty was preparing for the 2020 school year, we realized it was going to be unprecedented and unpredictable.  There was a palpable feeling of uncertainty and fear.  How were we going to teach our beautiful students in a world where there is no sharing, 6 ft distancing, and no mingling with other classes; our littlest students sitting on the floor all day on a taped off “island”?

This is not what teaching is all about.  The bigger question we found ourselves addressing was “why?”  What could God possibly be thinking?  How could He allow this to happen to His children?  We took a moment to sit back and reflect on times that were very difficult in our lives when we wondered about God’s presence.  During our difficult times we didn’t realize it but God was there through our struggles and saw us through to the other side. If only we could learn to trust our creator!  We came to the conclusion that some day we will find the reason for this struggle.  There must be a lesson to be learned. Fr. Mark reminded us that we are here at this place in time for a reason.  God must have known that we could manage this struggle and learn from it.

So for now, I will praise God for the opportunity to learn and appreciate the “New Life” that will inevitably follow.  Please Lord, keep me humble and aware of Your presence in my life.  Behold!

Joyce Giroux, Principal