Why We Love Trinity

Why Do Parents Love Trinity?

Although these “love notes” were written several years ago, their sentiments still apply today.  We hope they will encourage you to check out Trinity Catholic School, if you haven’t already!

“It’s great to pick my kids up and have them so excited about their day!”  – Jeremiah Johnson

“We love Trinity because it is a safe, loving environment in a world where that seems really hard to come by these days. We leave our boys there every morning with no fear and pick their smiling faces up every afternoon. We love Trinity because it is familiar and the smell brings all the memories of myself being a child flooding back. We could not ask for better faculty and staff to care for our children and teach them not only required educational materia,l but also how to be a loving, caring person and Catholic.”  – Adam and Lori Love

“We love how they welcome family members, especially us grandparents, to be involved in school activities and Monday prayer service. They encourage volunteering with events which allows us to be mentors and good examples of citizenship, fellowship and and worship.” – John Schneider, Grandfather

“We love the excitement in Vanessa every day coming home from school!  The sense of family encouragement that’s contained in those walls is astounding!  We love our Trinity family!” – Linda Stanka

“Trinity Catholic School is all about love. It can be seen in the pictures of Jesus, the savior who loves like no other, in the statues of saints who sacrificed their lives in order to love others like Jesus did, or on the prayer board filled with names of loved ones for whom students wish to pray. It can be heard in morning prayer, in a heartfelt Pledge of Allegiance, in the polite ways students speak to each other and to their teachers, in the belly laugh of a child, and in the voices of children raised in songs of praise during Mass. It can even be tasted in the healthy and delicious meals made daily in the cafeteria. Love is an undeniable feeling in Trinity Catholic. It is felt as soon as one walks through its halls. It starts from the top with a warm and loving principal, through respectful and creative teachers, wonderful volunteer parents, conscientious staff workers, and caring priests. It ends in the love Trinity students have for God, for neighbor, for learning, and for self. It is a beautiful gift, one we feel so blessed to have. Thank you to Trinity Catholic School, its Faculty, staff, parents, priests and students for embracing love every day of the year.”  – Candace O’Neill, TCS Advancement Director and Mom of 4 TCS Students

“Our family loves Trinity Catholic School for its inviting family atmosphere centered around strong morals and values. Trinity has taught and continues to teach our children to show love and compassion for everyone. In a world where differences can divide so many children, don’t you want to teach your children that differences truly unite us? If so, consider Trinity Catholic School where diversity is unity through the eyes of a strong faith community under the leadership of Jesus Christ.” Pam and Mark Bogdan

Why Do Students Love Trinity?

“Because it’s my home and I will be so sad to leave it next year!” – Hailey Premo, 6th Grade 

“Trinity is a wonderful place, where we are blessed and full of grace.  At Trinity, faith is number one and education is so much fun!  You should enroll your kid today and this is where he should always stay.  A Trinity kid is kind and clever, and once a Knight he’ll be one forever! – Sabella Cromie, 6th Grade 

“I am so glad I attend Trinity Catholic School. I love their school lunches. My favorite is their nachos and cheese.” – Graci Lonkey, 5th Grade

“At Trinity Catholic School, I have very nice friends who are there for me when I need them. The teachers teach us how to love and respect each other.  I’ve been in Trinity Catholic School since Pre-K. My parents sent me to Trinity to get a good education and meet nice people. Trinity is the best school ever!” – Reese Wachob, 5th Grade

“I just love all the joy at Monday Morning Prayer Service! No wonder we`re a Catholic school, our food tastes heavenly!” – Liam O`Neill, 5th Grade  

“I am so glad I attend TCS to do math fractions and to learn ELA and Social Studies.  They have good food like pizza.” – Steven Kormanyos, 5th Grade

“I am so glad I came to Trinity Catholic School. I am glad I came to Trinity, because I like to pray. I like that teachers make school fun like throw candy and play games. This is why I love Trinity Catholic School!” – Ella Murtagh, 5th Grade

“At Trinity Catholic School they have nice teachers. You also meet nice friends. Also if you want a good education go to Trinity. When I moved to Massena I went to public school for three years and I realized I needed a academic challenge. So I switched to Trinity Catholic and I am getting a better education.”  –     Ethan Stierheim, 5th Grade

“I am so glad I attend Trinity Catholic School because we all get to pray and have fun. We play games at recess. I love the food here. I love the both beef and chicken tacos. I came to Trinity Catholic School because It was the first school we have found when we moved up here to New York and I wanted to see how it is.” – Diamond Sky Barrett, 5th Grade

I am so glad that I attend Trinity Catholic School because we have a lot of fun in open gym, math class, and all the food that we eat. It is so good that you won`t believe that you’re here! The friends here are so nice from playing with you to cheering you up when you are sad, they will always be on your side! The only thing that I think is that this School is too good to be true! –  Aidan Aldous, 5th Grade

I am so glad to attend Trinity Catholic.  I like Trinity because the friends to work with.  I also like the food like chicken patties.  The last thing I like are the teachers because they are funny. – John Grogan, 5th Grade

I love TCS because of their amazing food from the cafeteria and their garden. My personal favorite is taco Tuesday with their beef soft shell tacos. I also like TCS because of the caring friends who will always be there for me. –  Madeline LaValley, 5th Grade

I am so glad to attend TCS because of the nice teachers. 4th , 5th , 6th teachers are fun .  We all go for walks. We use microscopes and look at cool things. My friends play with me all recess long. – Ashten Chilton, 5th Grade

I am so glad I attend Trinity Catholic School.

T-the teachers are fun.

R-recess is fun when we go outside.

I-I like my friends, everyone is nice.

N-never forget Trinity is the best.                                                                                               

I-I like the food. 

T-Trinity is fun and we always pray.                                          

Y-you would like it here. – Audrey Arquiett, 5th Grade

I am so glad I attend Trinity because of the food. They make French toast, baked beans and beef tacos. Yum! That is why I love Trinity so much. – Devlin Germano, 5th Grade

I`m so glad I attend TCS because of the great food. My favorite foods are chicken patty, fish patty and especially the beef taco. That’s only one reason I attend TCS. – Thomas Eggleston, 5th Grade

I  am so glad I attend trinity catholic school . I love the food and the teachers. I love the school and there are friendly people. – Alex Dillabough, 5th Grade

I love Trinity Catholic School because

            Tacos are delicious.

            Recess is fun.

            Independence is encouraged.

            Nachos are good.

            Intelligence is nurtured.

            Teachers are nice.

            You are important.

And that’s why I love Trinity so much. – Rosie Ilisco, 5th Grade

Why Do Teachers Love Trinity?

“This summer I babysat a little boy from my class. I had many of my students for playdates, so I would ask them what they missed mostly about school. I received all sorts of answers, but one little guy said, “I miss the stories you read,” but, then told me the parts of a book, and what a fiction and non-fiction book were. It made me feel good to know that what I had taught, stuck with him.  Trinity is a wonderful place. I have previous students coming to my room for hugs and chats on a daily basis. That’s what makes the school so wonderful to me. The smiles!  Kim Stewart, JK Teacher

I like being able to teach my students about Jesus’ love for them. I like working with the wonderful staff, teachers, parents, pastors and the administration. And, I can honestly say I can’t wait to go to work everyday. Trinity Catholic is my home away from home. Thank you for the privilege of working here!  – 

“Trinity is a home away from home.  There is ALWAYS someone who cares and will pick you up, just when you need it the most.  You feel welcome from the moment you walk in the door, until you leave.”  – Chris Britton, 4th Grade Teacher

“Why do I love Trinity? When I moved here 2 years ago, I was only able to make the leap of faith to relocate our family because Trinity was here. I was adamant that my children continue their Catholic education for as long as they could, and Trinity provided that. Since then, I have become part of a welcoming, supportive, faith-filled faculty. My experience has been a gift and a blessing to be surrounded by colleagues and families that value education, commitment and spirituality. Having faith and living your faith are two very different sentiments. At Trinity, I am sustained by these wonderful people who have and live their faith daily.” – Lisa Witkop, Pre-K Teacher