Dress Code

DRESS CODE:  Research has shown if students dress for success they are more likely to perform successfully.  The following dress code encourages a positive attitude and promotes high academic achievement. If found in violation of the dress code more than once, your child will receive a written reminder to be signed by the parent and child. Trinity Catholic expects and appreciates cooperation with this matter.

-Girls should wear dresses, skirts, or jumpers that fall just above the knee or longer, or dress slacks made of cotton, twill, corduroy, or polyester. No leggings, unless under skirt or long enough top to cover your bottom, are allowed.  Girls’ shirts should be blouses, polo shirts, turtlenecks, cardigan sweaters, or pullover sweaters.  Shirts with spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter tops and crop tops are inappropriate school wear.

-Boys should wear dress pants made of cotton, twill, corduroy, or polyester. Pants should be worn at waist level.  Boys’ shirts should be button down dress shirts,  polo shirts, turtlenecks, cardigans or pullover sweaters.

-Jeans of any type or color, camouflage pants and cargo pants, or athletic pants are not allowed.

-Sweatshirts and “hoodies” are not allowed.

-Shoes may be dress shoes, sneakers, or sandals with or without socks. Flip flops, and shoes and sandals with platform or high heels are a safety hazard on the playground and stairs; therefore they are not allowed.

-Cotton, twill or polyester dress shorts may be worn during the fall and spring months when the temperature will be above 70 degrees. Students’ shorts should be an appropriate length (no short shorts).

-Shirts should not contain team names, inappropriate writing or pictures.

-Wear it Wednesdays: Students may wear clothing outside of the dress code on Wednesday. The items highlighted above are also not permitted on Wednesdays.

Updated: July 2022