September 2017

helpwantedTrinity Catholic School is looking for a part-time assistant for our Extended Day Director for the 2017-2018 school year.  This position is perfect for anyone needing a little pocket money, even 11th or 12th grade high school students or retirees.  Hours will run from 3:00 – 4:30 on school days and pay will be minimum wage.  This employee will help supervise students during play and homework time.  If interested, please call school principal, Kathleen Behrens at 315-769-5911.

school-supplies-logoSchool Supplies

Please click here to see the list of supplies your child will need for the 2017-2018 school year.


Trinity Catholic School would not be able to thrive without the wonderful support of our volunteers. Our students and teachers love to get to know you, so we encourage parents and grandparents to get involved at our school.  In order to protect our children and YOU, all volunteers need to go through our diocesan-wide training called Virtus, which is offered at several different locations throughout the school year.  If you anticipate volunteering at Trinity this year and have not gone through the Virtus program, we encourage you to attend a training at TCS on Wednesday, September 20 at 5:30 PM. Please pre-register by clicking here and choosing the Ogdensburg Diocese.  Please note: you need only go through this training one time.

Painting Class to Benefit TCS Music Department
If you’re already missing summer’s moonlit beaches, join us on October 14 at Trinity for a painting class led by Wilson Bickford. Mr. Bickford will provide all supplies and his instruction to help you create your own “Moonlit Beach” painting. Cost is $60 per person and will benefit our Music Department. Please call the school office at 315-769-5911 to reserve your spot soon!

calendarTCS Calendar for your Smart Phone

Copy and paste the following into your browser to access Trinity’s Google calendar.  This will allow you to pick and choose which events you would like to have in your calendar, BUT this will NOT be automatically updated if the school makes changes.

IF you would like to have the calendar automatically update, then you’ll need to send an e-mail to our Advancement Director, Candace O’Neill at She will send the link to you, and it will allow you to subscribe to the calendar.  This will allow you to automatically receive updates, but you will not be able to pick and choose which events you’d like in your phone.

ncea_colorlogo_trademarkIf you would like to help students affected by Hurricane Harvey, please read this press release from the National Catholic Educational Association

“Student to Student: A Catholic School Response to Hurricane Harvey”

Arlington, VA – The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is beginning a campaign in solidarity with our Catholic school families throughout the country as we seek to help Catholic schools in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.  NCEA invites every Catholic school family to contribute at least $1 per student to this national drive.

These funds will be used to help Catholic schools impacted by the storm rebuild, reopen and re-enroll students. The number of affected Catholic schools is still being determined, but more than 150 Catholic schools are in the storm’s path.

NCEA President/CEO Thomas Burnford said, “Our hearts and prayers are with our Catholic schools and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In keeping with our mission to serve others, we hope this campaign will help Catholic schools facing recovery and rebuilding.”

To make a donation or for more information about this campaign, please go to the NCEA website,

There are more than 6,420 Catholic schools in the United States with nearly 1.9 million students.


This Thursday, September 28, will be Curriculum Night at Trinity.  We will begin with a meeting in the cafeteria at 6:30 followed by 3 sessions scheduled for you to visit your children’s classrooms.  Our teachers will be explaining their classroom procedures and objectives for their students’ instruction.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn more about what their children will be learning throughout the year.  It should be noted that Curriculum Night is not an evening for parents to conference with teachers about their child’s progress.  The evening is designed to strengthen the partnerships between parents and teachers; enabling us to guarantee each student’s success.