30 Club Winners

Congratulations to everyone who has won our 30 Club Raffle! Winners are chosen every day our school is open, with the chance to win $30 each day and $100 one time each month. AND, members have the chance to win multiple times, since there is no limit to the number of times one can win the raffle. If you haven’t become a member of our 30 Club, visit our school office to buy your ticket for only $30.

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September Winners: Janice Chakranarayan, Homer Jessmer III, Barb Gray, Joyce Ashline, Crystal Gladding, Amber Baines, Connie Coto, Vi Boisvert, Emily Currier, Marcia Tiernan, Terri Anne O’Keefe, Keitha Arquiett, Ruth Lopez, Bryan McDonald, Laura Barry, Liz Trego- $100.00 winner, Alyssa Moore, Cathie LaRose

October Winners: Len Orlando, Keith Patrick, Andy Macaulay, Brenda Collette, Pat Rubado, Lorraine Fenton, Anita Geiser, Sam O’Keefe, Sam and Joan Zappia, Cathy Faucher, Sandra Witkop, Rick Norris, Charlie Storrin, Vanessa Bishop, Kathy Mason, Peggy Crowley, David Bence, Lee Hart, Patty Henry.  Chris Deshaies- $100.00 winner

November Winners: Sandra Marrin, Nancy Brothers, Anne Root, David DeForge, Danielle White, Lisa LePage, Patricia O’Brien, Debra Tyo, Louie LaRose, Carey Latreille, Kristine Whitamb, Betsy O’Hagan, Joseph Barry, Deb Zagrobelny.  Rebecca Blair – $100.00 winner.

December Winners: Richard Faucher, Craig Siddon, Kevin Wells, Bernard Leatherland, Jake Hollenbeck, Dan Oldenburgh, Cathy Russell, Doug Croley, David Talarico, Betty Jock, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scully, Amanda Gardner, Beulah Trippany, Michael King.  Sheena Smith – $100.00 winner