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Trinity Catholic School has worked closely with MCS along with the NYSDOH to come up with the best option for students returning to school this fall. We want to thank all our parents, faculty and staff for filling out the surveys.

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Please understand some policies may change due to recommendations from the DOH.

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Good evening.  This is Mrs. Giroux calling from Trinity Catholic School with an update.  I know you all have a lot of questions about what will happen in September when school opens.  A big concern is, “what will my child’s day look like?”  Towards the end of next week, I will make a video to show you just that.  We will walk through the school and even a typical classroom.  I will be able to show you some of the changes we have made to accommodate the necessary guidelines.  

I also want to address some of the questions that you had on our questionnaire. As of right now, I have heard from about ⅔ of our families and I want to thank you for taking the time to fill it out. We will be basing our re-opening plans on your needs as evidenced in your answers. We will be following the 6 ft. social distancing requirements in the hallways and in the classrooms.  Luckily, our hallways are more than 8 feet wide, so we will have arrows showing where we can walk and in which direction.  Masks will be worn in the hallways and whenever a child moves from their seats in the classroom. Students will eat lunch in their classrooms.  Right now we imagine that the lunch room workers will deliver the meals to the classrooms, along with available teachers.

Special area subjects will be taught in their rooms.  For instance, music will be taught in the music room.  The only exception is that Mrs. O’Keefe will go to the classrooms for computers because the computer lab does not allow for proper social distancing.  PE will be taught outside when possible, and in the gym with 12 ft. distancing.  Mrs. Boyea will also be doing project based lessons. 

We will not be attending weekly mass and our Monday morning prayer rallies will be live-streamed into each classroom.  We will still do birthdays and Disciples in Action.

Before and After care will be available, possibly in the gym.  Those details are still to be worked out.  When we mentioned in our plan 2 that our classroom instruction would end at 2:00, please understand that students would be allowed to leave at 2:00, but could also stay in their classrooms until 3:00 and work on projects or even homework.  Busing and after care would be available at 3:00.

Some parents were wondering about PreK3 and PreK4.  We still have the ½ day option for both.  Social distancing will be more difficult for our littlest students, but we will teach it from the very first day of school along with proper hand washing.  We do have the room to only have 10 students in each class which will make it easier to provide the necessary distancing

Our distance learning this fall, for those of you who choose to do so, will be different from the remote learning of last spring.  We will be grading just as if your child was in class.  Attendance will still be taken.  If your child has an IEP , we will make accommodations for that child so all of their needs are met.  We realize that this was a problem last spring, but now we will have more time to prepare.

Some families are asking about our air filtration system.  Trinity has a furnace with individual heat in each room.   Our PreK rooms and science lab have electric radiant heat systems.  Nevertheless, when weather permits, windows will be open.  It is recommended that we have outdoor classes as much as possible also

Speaking of outdoors, we plan to take our students for outdoor breaks as much as possible.  We will not be able to use our playground equipment, but recess will be on a rotating schedule.

I guess you get the idea that this year will be different.  Children will be in cohorts, or groups, and stay together all day with their immediate classmates.  This is not an ideal situation, of course, but we must follow the regulations passed down to us – and again, – hopefully for just 1 school year.

So please keep us in your prayers that we may make all the right decisions.  And please know that our decisions will always be made with your children’s safety and emotional health in mind.  Look for our re-opening plan on our web page this Friday.  I promise to keep you informed.  Thank you and have a great week.

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Congratulations to Trinity’s 6th Grade class. Not the ending we all would have hoped for, but you have taken this in stride. We are proud of all of you and your accomplishments. Come back and visit.
Enjoy this video and messages from Mrs. Giroux, Miss Bombard and Mrs. Witkop.

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Did you know that Mrs. Giroux lived in Montana, or that Miss Bombard used to own a RED MUSTANG? Learn these facts and more about our faculty/staff on our new Faculty Feature page on our website. We will be adding new bios weekly, so click here to  check back regularly.

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Gate closed

For the safety of our youngest students, the gate to the front entrance will be closed Monday- Friday at 9 AM. Please use the other entrance between the church and rectory, or the back parking lot entrance.