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Good evening.  This is Mrs. Giroux with a weekly update.  Tomorrow will be an exciting day!  We will be able to say our morning prayers together and our Pledge of Allegiance and just smile at each other beneath our masks.  I’m very excited to see all of you.  You know it will be a bit different, but just being together again will make it all worthwhile.  I want to remind everyone that if this call goes to your voicemail, please check your class Dojo, our webpage or Facebook page for a complete text of this call, as there is a lot of information.

Yes, we will all need to wear our masks, so please bring a few to school in case you get one dirty or sneeze into it – that’s what I keep doing!  We will have some extras on hand, but it will help if everyone brings a few extra.  You will also need to bring in your school supplies a little at a time each day this week.  And the youngest members of our family will need their nap mats!  Also, students should bring in a water bottle because our fountains will be covered and unavailable for use.  We will have water coolers available for refilling water bottles.

We sent papers home to all of our families in August and we will need some of them returned tomorrow now that we will be in school.  Our school nurse, Ms. Sweet has asked that you please return the immunization records and health records along with the emergency contact information.  This will be especially important if your child has a fever during school hours so that we can be in touch with you.  By the way, just as all public schools are required, our Catholic schools in the Diocese are also required to complete a daily questionnaire regarding our Covid situation and submit it to the Department of Health.  

Tomorrow we will begin our new morning traffic pattern.  Please watch the video that has been re-posted on our website and social media sites.  To summarize, students in PreK3, Jk, K and grades 1 through 3 will enter school through the Main Street doors; PreK4 students will enter through the back parking lot in between the buildings; and students in grades 4-6 and all bus students will enter through our cafeteria doors.  All students will be met by a staff member who will come to your car and perform a temperature check.  If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees fahrenheit or greater, you will be asked to pull over.  Our nurse will be called to assess the situation and decide if your child can enter the building.  Bus students will be met at the doors.  If they present with a temperature, they will be escorted to our quarantine room until the nurse can assess the student.

Regarding dismissal, remember that classroom instruction will end at 2:00.  Teachers will notify parents if they need to meet with a child for small group instruction, but otherwise students may leave anytime between 2-3:00.  If your child will be leaving during this time, please send in a written note with your child letting the teacher know the time your child will be picked up or walking home or even riding their bike.  If you are picking up your child, they will be dismissed from the door in which they entered in the morning.  When you arrive at school to pick up your child, please call the school office at 315-769-5911 and we will call your child to meet you at the appropriate door.  All students may remain in school until 3:00 to be picked up, or to take their bus.  Before care from 7:00-8:15 and after care  from 3:00 until 5:30 will also begin tomorrow.  If your child is in after care, please call Ms. Saucier at 315-296-2852 when you arrive at school to pick up your child.  You will not be permitted to enter the building, so Ms. Saucier will have your child meet you at the cafeteria doors.  Something else to consider is that a crossing guard will not be available on Main Street until 3:00.  If your child is walking home and needs to cross in front of the school, that may be something to keep in mind.  With that in mind, if your child is walking home between 2:00 and 3:00, please write on your note that you give your child permission to cross Main Street or Highland Park without a crossing guard.

Of course, our PreK 3 and PreK4 students will stay until 2:45 because they will having rest time. Ms. Saucier will need to get up to after care, so again our PreK programs end at 2:45. 

Finally, we have moved our virtual curriculum night to Wednesday, September 30.  More details will follow.  Ms. Tyo’s kindergarten class will have their virtual curriculum night on Thursday, Oct. 1 due to a prior commitment.

Well, let’s say some extra prayers tonight that the day will go smoothly tomorrow.  I think just being together again will make everything alright.  Have a wonderful week.

If you are wondering what the traffic pattern will look like for drop off in the morning. Click here.