Vicki Rowe

November News

It’s been an exciting first two months of school!   We learned about different kinds of communities:  urban, rural, and suburban.   Students designed and developed their own communities.and made maps and brochures to invite people to move to their community,

In Science we researched different kinds of animals.  Students did research on chrome books and then organized their information about their animal.  They then created a diorama which was a model of the animal’s habitat.  The habitat included all of the animal’s needs for survival.  We are currently studying living and nonliving things in the different ecosystems.  Students will be making fossils, researching extinct animals, and comparing food chains within the ecosystem.

In Math we have been learning about the different properties of addition and subtraction.  Students have added and subtracted numbers to thousands.  Students have mastered estimation by rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred’s place.  We have been working on solving word problems.  This week we started multiplication.  We have learned that multiplication is repeated addition.  Students are learning a variety of strategies to solve multiplication problems.  We have been doing, “Number Talks” where students are learning to do operations of math in their heads.  It is very interesting to see the different ways students solve the problems.

In ELA, we are learning how to write the plural form of the words.  Students have been using different graphic organizers to plan out their stories.  We have been learning to spell words with long and short vowel sounds.  We have been reading stories about how to save money.  We are currently reading a story about the Antarctica, one of the coldest continents on the planet.

Students now are able to use chrome books to type stories, research a variety of topics and use an app called i-Ready Reading and Math.  Students are given work on their level.  My goal is to have students do each subject for thirty minutes a week.  Students can access this site on the computers at home.

Gracelyn Clary was Student of the Month for September and Brooklyn Laguador was Student of the Month for October.  Students earn points each day by completing tasks, being a disciple, handing in homework, and being responsible.

We have lots to be thankful for.  Students will be writing about all of the things that they are thankful for including God, family, and friends.  I know I am very grateful for my students and their families. They are kind, caring, and very thoughtful.   I have had lots of support from faculty and staff too! Being a first year teacher here, it took some time to feel at home.  But Trinity Catholic School is just like one big happy family!