Vicki Rowe

June 2020

What an adventure we have had together!   The school year year is over and we survived distance learning.   It has been a learning experience for all of us!   

The Students in Grade 3 can now send and receive emails, share Google documents, share a Google slideshow, participate in zoom meetings, and research a variety of topics in groups.  We all have been immersed in technology and are better off because of it.  Grade 3 students really enjoyed the zoom meetings because they got to interact with their peers.

During this time of Social Distancing, Grade 3 students wrote and illustrated their own books.  They researched planets and types of rocks and then shared their information on a slideshow.  Each student researched a country and compiled the information in a slideshow. They studied different branches of  the United States government and learned about responsibilities of a citizen. Grade 3 students studied weather and learned the instruments used.  We learned about the rain forest.  They were introduced to skills like Linear  Measurement, Reading and Interpreting Information on a Graph, Identifying Different Shapes, and Finding Area and Perimeter of a shape.

Parents became supervisors, making sure that their child’s work was completed and submitted on a daily basis.  Parents helped teach new skills introduced in lessons.  Parents had to do their own jobs, set up a time for children to do their work, and manage a household in the midst of a pandemic.  Way to go! 

I want to thank all parents.  I appreciate your understanding and support during this challenging time.  Enjoy a well-deserved break.  Have a fun and safe summer.  See you all in the fall!

Hugs, Mrs. Rowe