Vicki Rowe


September 2020

Welcome back to school!  I hope that everyone had a safe and fun summer.   We will be starting another school year on September 8, 2020. Some students will be in the classroom, whereas others with start the year distance learning from home.  

This year I will be working with Grade 2 students. During the first couple of weeks in school, we will be using our computer skills.  We will send and receive emails, share Google documents, share Google slideshows, participate in zoom meetings, and begin researching a variety of topics.

Our first theme in Science will be Extreme Weather.  We will be learning all about tornadoes. Students will learn about where tornadoes take place, how they develop, and safety precautions.

This year, students will be using choice boards.  Given activities, students will choose what they want to learn about a particular subject. The goal is to have students become more responsible for their own learning.  Students will become independent learners and be more accountable for their work.

I look forward to an amazing year!

 Mrs. Rowe