Vicki Rowe

March 2020

Hi!  This will be a new adventure for all of us.    I hope everyone is  well.  Moving forward, let’s try to keep the communication open.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at   I do not have access to internet at my home but I will make myself available online weekdays from 10:00-11:00 and  from 6:00-7-00pm.  

Below is a link to get to our Google Classroom.  I will include your user names and passwords in your packet that will be distributed this Friday, March 20th,  at school.

Google Classroom code 

If you need help with the chrome book, here is a website you can access and your questions with be addressed.  The website is

Every weekday, I will be sending a video and assignments for the day in the Google Classroom.   Using i-ready Reading and Math daily for an hour would be beneficial.  The top three students on i-ready last week were from the Grade 3 classroom and I couldn’t be prouder!  Way to go!

Take care of yourselves and hope to see you soon.