Previous Work For Pre-K3


Explanation of Material Week 1 

Calendar Time 3/23/20

3/24/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 3/24/20

Dragon Yoga

3/25/20 Daily Assignments

Calendar Time 3/25/20

3/26/20 Daily Assignments

Calendar Time 3/26/20

The Goldfish Song(Let’s Go Swimming)

Virtual Zoo Trip

3/27/20 Daily Assignments

Calendar Time 3/27/20


Week 2 Material Explanation 

3/30/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 3/30/20 

“I Like Myself” Read Aloud

Drawing with Pappy in Pappyland

Daily Assignments 3/31/20

Calendar Time 3/31/20

”I’m Not Just A Scribble” Read Aloud

Dinosaur Stomp

4/1/20 Hi all, I woke up with basically no voice(thanks allergies) so I am unable to record a calendar time video this morning! I am so sad to not be able to connect with the kids in this way today. Send all of my best and if you have time today please let them know our month has changed to April! I have put an interactive ABC video(see link below) as a fun activity today, and I also wanted the kids to use their play-dough to make the first letter of their name. Keep working on the worksheets and decorating and filling the all about me bags. If you need anything at all please reach out. Have a great Wednesday! 😊

Alphabet Space Photoshoot 

”Little Hands” Start the Morning with this song 4/2/20

4/2/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 4/2/20

4/3/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 4/3/20

The Singing Walrus

Week 3 Materials 

4/6/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 4/3/20

“I Can Save The Earth” Read Aloud 

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” The Kidboomers

4/7/20 Robot Craft 

Calendar Time 4/7/20

4/8/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 4/8/20

Week 4 Materials

4/14/20 Daily Assignments

Calendar Time 4/14/20

Clap Your Hands Video

Sesame Street: Grover Talks About Plants

4/15/20 Daily Assignments

Calendar Time 4/15/20

Rachel’s Day In The Garden

4/16/20 Daily Assignments 

Calendar Time 4/16/20

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Calendar Time 4/17/20

Faith is Like Planting A Seed

Week 5 Materials

Calendar Time  4/20/20

I Can Sing A Rainbow

How Crayons Saved the Rainbow

Calendar Time 4/21/20

4/21/20 Daily Assignments

Sesame Street “Listen to the Wind Blow”

“Kate Who Tamed the Wind” Read Aloud

Calendar Time 4/22/20

Daily Assignments 4/22/20

“Little Cloud” Read Aloud

Raindrop in a Jar Experiment Written Directions/Question(*DO FIRST*)

Raindrop in a Jar Live Experiment

Calendar Time 4/23/20

Daily Assignments 4/23/20

Yoga for Kids “Windy Day” Jodi the Yogi

“Planting a Rainbow” Read Aloud

Calendar Time 4/24/20 LIVE during our meeting

Week 6 Materials

Daily Assignments 4/27/20

Calendar Time 4/27/20

Zoom Zoom Zoom We’re Going to The Moon Song

“I Want to Be an Astronaut” by Byron Barton Read Aloud

Daily Assignments 4/28/20

Calendar Time 4/28/20

Yoga Time! | Space Picnic – Kids Yoga

“Astronaut Handbook” by Meghan Mccarthy

Calendar Time 4/29/20/Daily Assignments

Sun, Moon, and Stars Sing Along

Mousetronaut by Astronaut Mark Kelly

Calendar Time 4/30/20

Daily Assignments 4/30/20

“Countdown to Blastoff” Jack Hartmann

“Otters in Space” by Sam Garton

Calendar Time 5/1/20

Daily Assignments 5/1/20

Week 7 Materials

Daily Assignments 5/4/20

Calendar Time 5/4/20

“Sing a Song of Flower” The Kidboomers

“The Tiny Seed” Eric Carle

Daily Assignments 5/5/20

Calendar Time 5/5/20

“Rachels Day in the Garden” Kids Yoga Stories

“Plants Can’t Sit Still” Rebecca E. Hirsch

Daily Assignments 5/6/20

Calendar Time 5/6/20

“Enzo the Bee” Cosmic Kids Yoga

“Plant a Tiny Seed” Christie Matheson

Daily Assignments 5/7/20

 Calendar Time 5/7/20

Spring Scavenger Hunt

“5 Little Flower Songs” The Kidboomers

“The Reason for a Flower” Ruth Heller

Daily Assignments 5/8/20

Calendar Time 5/8/20

Week 8 Materials

Daily Assignments 5/11/20

Calendar Time 5/11/20

“We are the Dinosaurs” Laurie Berkner Band

“If the Dinosaurs Came Back” by Bernard Most

Daily Assignments 5/12/20

Calendar Time 5/12/20

“10 Little Dinosaurs” Super Simple Songs

“Dinosaur Roar” by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

Daily Assignments  5/13/20

Calendar Time 5/13/20

“Dancing Dinosaur Alphabet” Toddler Fun Learning

“The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar”

Daily Assignments 5/14/20

Calendar Time 5/14/20

“The Tiny T-Rex” Cosmic Kids Yoga

“Stomp Dinosaur Stomp” by Margaret Mayo & Alex Ayliffe

Week 9 Materials

Daily Assignments 5/18/20

Calendar Time 5/18/20

Popsicle Shape Sheet 5/18/20

“Construction” by Sally Sutton

Daily Assignments 5/19/20

Calendar Time 5/19/20

“Pete the Cat Construction Destruction” by James Dean

Daily Assignments 5/20/20

Calendar Time 5/20/20

“Little Excavator” by Anna Dewdney

Daily Assignments 5/21/20

Calendar Time 5/21/20

“Diggory the Dumptruck” by Cosmic Kids Yoga

Week 10 Materials

Daily Assignments 5/26/20

Calendar Time 5/26/20

Calendar Time 5/27/20

Daily Assignments 5/28/20

Calendar Time 5/28/20

Calendar Time 5/29/20

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