Megan Mulvenna – Pre-K3

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to online learning! I appreciate your support during this time of remote learning, and I am excited to get to know your children better during this time. Our remote learning will be a fun, interactive, educational, and faith filled time. I understand the idea of remote learning for Trinity’s youngest can be daunting, but I assure you it is going to be an amazing adventure. I thank you for entrusting your child’s education with Trinity Catholic School and allowing me to be the vessel to uphold Trinity’s mission. 

In this letter I will outline the daily schedule for our remote learning as well as expectations for this time. I will be sending a message on Class Dojo as well with the link for my Bitmoji Classroom where we will be doing our work. We will be using Zoom for our live lessons so you will all be receiving an email with the Zoom link. This invitation will change so you will need to check daily for the Zoom link for our live lessons you will have them the night before.

During our remote learning I will have a combination of live and pre recorded lessons, and I encourage you to have your children sign on for the live lessons as much as they can. These live lessons are excellent for peer collaboration and for teacher evaluation, so when possible please have your child sign on. The pre recorded lessons will be available so students who have to miss the live lessons will still receive the lessons for that day.

Our first day of instruction September 10, 2020 we will be focusing solely on making sure everyone can gain access to the Zoom meeting and Bitmoji classroom. This will be a day that we just go over what the schedule will look like and the things that we would be doing during our live lessons. On Mondays as a school we will be having a “catch up day” or in our case an enrichment day. This means I will be assigning activities on ABC Mouse or a challenge your children can choose to complete. You could also use this day to catch up on any work that did not get completed the week prior. 

Again, I am praying for everyone’s safety during this uptick in cases in our community. I am grateful for all you are doing to support Trinity during this time, and for joining me on this remote learning journey. As always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at or call me at 845-467-1754.