Mary Willmart – Art

Hello Trinity Catholic School students!  I miss you all and I hope to see you all soon!

  In the meantime, let’s discover a new way to make art during this remote online learning phase of our school year!  Look on this page for the lessons for Kindergarten, JK, and 1st grade, and also check here for videos from me introducing our art lessons (there will be a video for each grade).

I pray you are all doing well, and I can’t wait to see the art you make – because even though we now have to be away from the art classroom, we can make art anywhere!

“Imagination and creativity can change the world.”   


JK Art Class:

Hello JK!

Lesson for 3/23, Lamb

In art class we have been talking about the different symbols of the Catholic faith.  One of those symbols is the lamb. Below will show you the steps on how to draw a lamb! Add anything you wish to the background, maybe some beautiful spring flowers, the sun in the sky, or some green grass on the ground!

Lesson for 3/31, Eggs:

In art class we have been talking about patterns. You can make many kinds of patterns using shape, color, line, and any combination of these.  Using your choice of crayons, markers, paints, colored pencils, or any other art supply you’d like to use (like glitter, stickers, cut and glue construction paper, etc.) decorate each egg after you print the egg template!

Kindergarten Art Class:

Hello Kindergarten!

Lesson for 3/24, Lion:

In art class we have been doing some guided drawing.  Being March, and going along with the saying “March comes in like a lion,” we will be learning to draw a lion using the steps shown below.  You can add any details you’d like to the background of your lion.

Lesson for 4/1, Llama:

This instruction sheet shows you how to draw a llama.  It is now officially spring time, and this is a fun way to create spring inspired art work using the guided drawing techniques we have been practicing in art class.  As you can see, the llama you make can have lots of things added to make it unique (another concept we have been talking about – making your art unique!). Please use your imagination to add the details to your llama!

1st Grade Art Class:

Hello 1st grade!

Lesson for Mrs. Fregoe’s class on 3/23 and Mrs. Cumming’s class on 3/24, Eagle:

We have been talking about symbols in art class, and one of the symbols we discussed was the eagle.  It is the symbol of our country and also an important symbol of the Native American community. You can follow the steps on how to draw an eagle to make your own drawing of one.  And you can decorate the sky in the background how you wish!

Lesson for Mrs. Fregoe’s class on 3/31 and Mrs. Cumming’s class on 4/1, Cupcakes:

In art class at school we started to talk about different American artists.  One we looked at was an artist named Wayne Thiebaud. He was an American artist who did paintings of desserts and food.  The cupcake sheet gives you examples on how to draw a cupcake. You can pick one, or try out each. And it is definitely ok and encouraged that you add your own decorations to your cupcake that you draw!