Mrs. Stewart – Junior Kindergarten

Mrs. Giroux`s morning welcome

Chuy says,”hi”

JK Art Class

                                          Our Lenten Bulletin board.

Acting out our Story                             


6/1 Calendar

6/1 ELA HW and Extra

6/1 Story

6/1 Video dance


6/2 Calendar

6/2 Math pgs 296, 307. (This is HW) Crayons. Please make sure they pause when needed for instructions.////////////////

6/2 Extra work with letters

6/2 Story

6/2 Video Bug snacks. Would you eat bugs? Do you recognize anyone?(Nicandri Nature Center) Please stop the video right after, as new irrelevant stories begin.


6/3 Calendar

6/3 Math pge. 308, HW. Crayons. Cubes or blocks, I say both 🙂

6/3 Extra Make 6, three ways. Please pause the screen for them to do it.

6/3 Story

6/3 Video dance. One of their favorites


6/4 Calendar

6/4 Religion Love and help people, even if they don`t look like you. Homework

6/4 Extra Time on the hour review

6/4 Video short video of a badger and coyote playing. Similar to the religion story.


6/8 Calendar

6/8 Science Project. Lava lamp, density (When the tablet is placed in water, the citric acidreacts with the sodium bicarbonate, producing sodium citrate in solution and releasing carbon dioxide gas. Excess bicarbonate also neutralizes hydroxide ions, helping the solution to resist a change in pH. AlkaSeltzer now also contains aspirin, which is a weak acid.)

6/8 Story

6/8 Video subtraction song


6/9 Calendar

6/9 Making icecream Finished product

6/9 Story by a guest reader

6/9 Video goofy


6/10 Calendar

6/10 Send me a goodbye video. Tell me your favorite thing about JK, and a fun time you had with a friend (s)

6/10 Story

Music with Mrs. Barnum

Greeting from Mrs. Barnum

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