Mrs. Stewart – Junior Kindergarten

Here are JK students presenting their animals to the class. Way to go JK!!


Here are some things to do during the quarantine. We have to keep learning! There will be more tomorrow.

Religion : St. Valentine video. Please send in your Valentine`s when you go back to school. above

Social Weekly Readers. Some fun games and videos. Password if needed is hillbell 504

Read and listen Click on the arrow next to the magazine for the story.

ELA Boom Cards If asking: Sign in as a student, choose sign in with Boom, User name is your child`s name with 333 after it, password is bee and ladybug. When I get on, its going right to their name (with frog after it) and they just need to push the pictures for their password.

ELA Practice letters first, then games that you want. Be sure you are on K site.

ELA You will be doing a Family Project when we go back, but first, choose the animal you want. I am sending pictures to choose from. Choose one, and show me on the school computer, and I will print it. There are so many awesome animals.

Cold Weather Animals Choose one animal and then decide which is the perfect picture, at school.

Story Is this fact or fiction?



Religion We will discuss Lent more when we go back to school. Think of some things that you could do to show God you love him.

Video with me,

Math We will be learning about new 2D, and 3D shapes.

Video with me,

ELA Video with me,

Story, The Mitten. Fact or fiction?



ELA Skip the ad.

Video with me

Word/Letter Ladders

Math Tally Marks review Get a paper and pencil and do with the train.

Video with me

Story Claire lost a tooth!



Religion Did you decide on giving up something you like for Lent? Or maybe help mom and dad more? Being nicer to your family? You did a good deed for the needy with the “Soup”er Bowl.

Social Weekly Reader fun. Listen and Read. Click on the arrow next to the magazine to listen.

Make a Valentine for your family. Shhhhh

Math How many shapes do have in your house? Show me a rectangle, circle, square, and triangle.

My clock is a circle, the table is a rectangle, the pizza slice is a triangle, and the window is a square, at my house.



2/12 Happy Friday

No lessons today. Practice Word/Letter Ladders and change the first letter in each word with “it”. Read, Read, Read,

Practice writing to 20. Have a wonderful vacation.