Disciples in Action

Our Disciples in Action

Students who stand out demonstrating Christian values are recognized each week as “Disciples in Action.”  Parents of students being recognized as “Disciples  in  Action” will be notified in advance so they can attend and witness their child receiving such a special award at our Monday Morning Prayer Service. Parents, grandparents and parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend our Monday Morning Prayer Services. It is a wonderful and joyful way to begin each week.

February: Cooper Mittiga,  Tara Cusworth, Madison Laguador, Madeline Fregoe, Jillian Tsibulsky

January: Zane Wagstaff, Hudson Laguador, Noah Lekens, Parker Taraska, Abi Tarbell

December: Zayda Roberson, Bo Brencher, Oliver Hebb

November: London King-Borsellino, Makenzie Cumming, Axel-Gray Gramola, Zoe Smoke, Eben Rico, Aaron Thompson,

October: Liam Petrie, Aubrie Cameron, Desmond Oloan, Ashlynn DeForge, Anastasia Prionas, Scarlett Stokes, Johonna Cash, Kristine Wilson, Mia Tarbell, Oakley Dehsaies, Elliot Kellogg,

September: Dan Sullivan, Charlotte Curtis Teagan Fahd, Tucker Fahd, Amado Brown