Disciples in Action

Our Disciples in Action

Students who stand out demonstrating Christian values are recognized each week as “Disciples in Action.”  Parents of students being recognized as “Disciples  in  Action” will be notified in advance so they can attend and witness their child receiving such a special award at our Monday Morning Prayer Service. Parents, grandparents and parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend our Monday Morning Prayer Services. Masks required. It is a wonderful and joyful way to begin each week.\

April: Melanie Olson, Lily Olson, London King-Borsellino, Elliot Kellogg, Finn Kinney, Madeline Moser, Liam Petrie, Brayden Poirier, Anna Ruby, Declan Tarbell, Lane Lincoln, Carson Slade, Logan Petrie, Terra Gibbs, Isabella Cash, Lincoln Mulvenna

March: Brayden Poirier, Ashlynn DeForge, Parker Skaggs, Liam Petrie, Finn LaShomb, Easton Gadway, Cooper Smoke, Audrey Brockway, Davina Frazer, Dante Compeau, Maidson Laguador, Oakley Deshaies, Oliver Hebb, Aubrie Cameron, Desmond Oloan, Brynn Bero

February: Kaidence Smith, Nevada King-Borsellino, Jacob Ellsworth, Grace Baxter, Liam and Logan Petrie, James Park, Parker Taraska, Brayden, Briella and Brody Poirier, Will Cootware, Audrey B., Britton Montroy, Abby and Mary Leggue, and Adilyn Gadway, Alex Harvey.

January: Liam Petrie, Britton Montroy, Autumn Ruby, Rosalia Jarvis, Grayson Furnace, Jillian Tsibulsky, Bo Brencher, Rome King-Borsellino

December: Karter Smith, Aaron Thompson, Jillian Tsibulsky, Abriella Weir, Abi Tarbell, Mia Tarbell, Scarlett S., Anna Ruby, Charlotte Curtis, Brayden Poirier, Ryker Tremblay, Declan Tarbell, Aubrey Slate, Grayson Furnace, Maren Brencher, and Tucker Fahd

November: Brooklyn Laguador, Brody Poirier, Jude Lincoln, Lincoln Mulvenna, Gwen Bero, Mrs. Jadlos’ Kindergarten Class

October: Nevada King-Borselling, Finn LaShomb, Easton Gadway, Andrew Boyea, Lily Olson, The 6th grade class, Quinn Berry, Annabella Hirschey, Briella Poirier, Tucker Fahd, Hudson Laguador, Brayden Poirier, London Kind-Borsellino, Kristine Wilson, Alex Tarbell

September:  Desmond Oloan, Alexander Harvey, Piper, Eoghan Gibbs, Liam Petrie, Mackenzie Cumming, Gideon Faucher, Keona Chakranarayan, Logan Petrie, Rome King-Borsellino, Madeline Mosher