Snow DayPlease note, if there is a Snow Day, we will skip that day in our 6-day cycle and continue with the next day when we return. For example, if we have a Snow Day on a Day 3, it will be a Day 4 when we come back the next day.  In addition, since we do not have the automatic calling system in place right now, if you suspect there may be a Snow Day, please listen to WMSA Radio, watch Channel 7 News, and/or check our FaceBook Page and this website to confirm!

DSCN0284Oh, Come Let Us Adorn It

MANY, MANY thanks to Mrs. Elsie Scruggs for the beautiful way she has adorned TCS!  If you have driven up Highland Avenue recently, you will have noticed the wording that now says “Trinity Catholic School” around the silver cross that has been there for many years. Mrs. Scruggs generously bought the letters in memory of her husband, Carl R. Scruggs, Sr. whose children AND grandchildren attended TCS.  Mr. Larry Legeault kindly donated his time last week to attach the letters.  We are so grateful to everyone involved in this project and look forward to a formal blessing which will occur sometime after the New Year.

ImportantPlease Note:

We are beginning to use My Student Progress to call and/or text our parents when there is important information we need to get to you.  We hope you are finding this useful.  Keep an eye out for more information coming your way, soon.

FOR PARENTS OF BUSERS:  Massena Central will have 1/2 days of school on Thursday, January 28 and Friday, January 29.  We will be in session, as usual, and will have morning buses, BUT NO AFTERNOON BUSES. 



Congratulations to the winners of our Cash for Christmas raffle, which was drawn on Sunday, December 20!

Jordan LaMay – $500

Andy McMahon – $1,000

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Marcil – $20,000

Our CfC raffle is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year!  MANY, MANY thanks to everyone who bought tickets or sold them!  We couldn’t do it without you.  Special thanks to Kerri Baillargeon, Melissa Roberts and Meredith Austin, our PTC fundraising team, for the tremendous amount of work they did on this project, and to Shirley Chartrand, our beloved secretary, for her countless hours of…well… counting!

Christmas Cheer for all to Hear

DSCN0678It’s hard to believe our Christmas Concert Season is over! Aren’t we lucky that we have it all on video so we can watch it again and again? 🙂

Please click on these links to watch your favorite cherub in their Christmas concert: JK-1, Chorus Prelude to 2-6 Grade Concert, 2-6 Grade Concert – Back to the Manger – PART 1 and PART 2 and our Pre-K Concert.

Advent Service Project a Success!


Thank you to everyone who donated items or money to help with our service project! With your generosity, we were able to provide almost 400 items – like warm socks, denture cleaner, lotion, body spray, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. – to be given to residents at both the St. Regis and Highland Nursing homes.  In addition, our students, faculty and families made cards and ornaments to give to each person.  To some, this may seem like such a small gift, to others this could mean the world.  Many thanks to all of you and our teachers who shopped, organized and delivered the items today!


Trash TRekCongratulations, Robotics Team!

Congratulations to our Trinity Catholic’s Robotics’ Team for winning the Strategy and Innovation Award in the First Lego League Robotics competition Sunday, December 13! “This award recognizes a team that uses solid engineering practices and a well-developed strategy to design and build an innovative, high performing robot.” Excellent job! We appreciate the hard work of our Robotics Team, comprised of the following 5th and 6th grade students: Dylan Bissonette, Sabella Cromie, Emilie Fregoe, Amanda Polarolo, Sophie Stankovic, Ethan Stierheim and Gavin Torbey.  Many, many thanks for the hard work of coaches Ann Borsellino, Donnie Bissonette and Nick Tsibulsky, and all of our parents who contributed so much time, energy and SNACKS for this talented group!   CLICK HERE to watch a video of the team describing how they want to reduce trash in Massena.

NO PM Buses 12/2 – 12/4

On December 2, 3 and 4, Massena Central will be holding their Parent/Teacher Conferences, but TCS will still have regular school hours.  We will have MORNING BUSES, but no AFTERNOON BUSES. After School will still be available all 3 days!


Trinity Angels Memory Treememorial-christmas-tree

Trinity Angels at Work will be lighting a Memory Tree in memory of loved ones who have gone to be with Jesus. This yearly fundraiser is a wonderful way to remember those we miss so dearly over the holidays and only costs $1.00 per name.  If you are interested, please stop by or call the school office at 769-5911.  All names need to be turned in by November 24.  The tree will be lit every school day from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM beginning November 30 and ending December 21.  Thank you for your support.