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Here is some helpful information for families in regards to the Covid-19 virus


Click here for the Covid-19 antigen test affirmation form


2/4/22 Updated COVID-19 Guidance Click Here

Quarantine Exception for Schools and Child Care Programs (K-12) • Exposed students, teachers, and staff who are not fully vaccinated (i.e., are unvaccinated or have not completed a primary vaccine series) can attend or work at school and eligible childcare programs for school-age children (see definition below) during the quarantine period only if they are participating in a test-to-stay program. • Exposed fully vaccinated students, teachers, and staff who must quarantine because they are not up to date (i.e., have not received a CDC-recommended booster when eligible) can attend or work at K-12 school and eligible childcare programs for school age children during the quarantine period. However, these individuals must continue to quarantine as otherwise required outside of school. o These individuals attending or working at a school with a test-to-stay program should participate in that program. o If the school does not have a test-to-stay program, then it is strongly encouraged that these individuals test at day 2-3 (or the first school day after the exposure is identified) and day 5.

Quarantine and Isolation tables can be found here

Isolation VS Quarantine

Isolation is for individuals who have been infected with COVID-19, even if they don’t have symptoms. You isolate in order to prevent spreading the virus to others.

Quarantine is for someone who has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus through close contact with someone who is infected, but has not tested positive for COVID-19 and does not have symptoms.

All COVID-19 tests are now acceptable. If using a home test, you must have two negative tests, one at 24 hours and another at 48 hours.


Previous information can be found here:

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If your child receives a COVID – 19  test, we will need a release from public health. Please click here to get this form.

Click here to visit the SLC Public Health Department’s information on the coronavirus.