Alanna Tyo

Mar 30/2020– Day 1

Our next birthday is April 3rd is Parker J. This is a hard time for kids to not have birthday parties and see their friends. If you could send me a video wishing Parker J Happy Birthday by Friday, I can work on a video for his birthday!

Mrs. Giroux’s morning announcement

Surprise message I received by text where Kadien wishes everyone the best!

Morning Meeting


Religion ** Hand in the prayer sentences paper via e-mail for me to look at.

Math Story on Addition

Math Lesson

Nature Center Facebook video on weather

Closing Circle

Mar 27/2020– Day 6

Music Introduction from Mrs. Barnum


Morning circle

Social Studies Lesson One

Social Studies Lesson Two: hand in the three sentences about planets that you wrote by e-mail


Math – It has come to my attention that you are missing some of the final pages of chapter 9. Just do what you have for chapter 9. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Closing circle: hand in the journal page based on the Three Little pigs

Mar 26/ 2020– Day 5

Morning Circle:


Gym: Yesterday I mixed up our Specials (it was suppose to be a gym day- so today will be a gym day, have fun with some exercises.

Math Lesson

Math Mini Lesson- Making Ten

Social Studies *** Hand in the Astronaut application paper via e-mail for attendance

Closing Circle

Mar 25/ 2020– Day 4

Morning Circle:

Computers: Please have students finish their Math assessment on IReady. If your child it done their IReady Assessment, please choose an ELA or Math IReady activity.

ELA: SuperKids: e-mail me page ( p.2– Letter Pp page)



Closing Circle

Optional Chinchilla research project

Mar 24/2020– Day 3

Kindergarten Art Class

Morning meeting: password: trinity

Social Studies:

ELA: SuperKids

Writing: PLEASE send a picture of their Journal page by e-mail for attendance purposes. I will also be looking at the neatness of their writing and their illustration.


Optional story and Journal Writing Activity:

Mar 23/2020– Day 2

Our activities for the day. Click each subject to see the video and the activities that need to be completed today.

** PLEASE E-mail me the SuperKids activity (page 26 ). This needs to be e-mailed, completed by your child by 10:00pm in order for your child to be marked as present for the day. We will be taking attendance and this is how we take attendance.
Mrs Giroux’s morning announcement

Morning Meeting: Password: trinity

Religion: Password: trinity

ELA: SuperKids: Please take a photo of page 26 and e-mail it to me by 10 P.M. to be present for attendance

Math: (The first few days we will practice on math concepts we have already learned to get in the E-learning setting).

Closing Lesson: password: trinity

*** READING Students: Mrs. Charleson is asking that reading students complete a minimum of 30 minutes a week in their IReady ELA program. This can be found at and if you do not have the log-in that I sent home, please e-mail me. I am suggesting that all students do 30-45 minutes per week of IReady ELA as it is great for differentiated instruction in ELA.

Mar 20/2020

Good morning, as we are getting ready to embark on this new adventure together, I have put together an information page, as well as a small video. PLEASE do not be alarmed at the amount of materials, I have over planned so I can see how the first week of e-learning goes and make adjustments as needed.

Please click here to watch a video that is included in your e-learning packet.

Mar 19/2020

Mrs. Giroux’s Morning Announcement

If you need to get a hold of me for anything regarding the course, please e-mail me at

If you need technology help, please e-mail

Mar 18/ 2020

Thank you for being flexible as we begin this new adventure in E-Learning together. I will be using this website as our main E-Learning Campus. Here you will find daily videos of our lessons. Please pay attention to which lesson needs to be handed in by e-mail daily.

I will update the site regularly. Although I am keeping Class Dojo active, for the purpose of E-learning please use e-mail as the main form of communication to hand in activities as well as with any questions you may have regarding e-learning.

I look forward to experimenting in this new form of learning together. Thank you

Mrs. Tyo

P.E. with Mrs. Boyea

Please go to the faculty directory and click on Mrs. Boyea’s name to find your child’s P.E. lesson on their P.E. day.