Tuition Policy

Trinity Catholic School Tuition Policy


          All parents must enter an annual tuition contract with Trinity Catholic School.  This contract must be completed by the parents online. For parents applying for the “Catholic” rate, the form will be sent to the appropriate Pastor for approval.

          In March of each year, registration packets, that include the tuition contract, are available online. The contracts must be submitted by the end of first week of May.  Late registrations are accepted if space in a particular grade is available.

          It is mandatory for all Trinity families to register for the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Options for payment plans can be selected through the FACTS program when going to the Trinity Catholic School webpage at and clicking on the FACTS link or going directly to the FACTS Management webpage. Families are expected to fulfill the obligation of the payment plan they have chosen. If a family is in arrears or demonstrates difficulties fulfilling the payment plan, they have chosen, they must communicate and cooperate with the administration to resolve the matter. Further, in such cases, a condition of registering for the following school year a FACTS Grant & Aide application must be filled out.

          FACTS management will send reminders to families who are delinquent in payment as well as notification to Trinity Catholic Administration. Just prior to distribution of the first report card, if no payment has been received, direct contact will be made from the administration, and the pastor (if applicable) will be notified.

          If the matter has not been resolved by January 15, a registered letter will be sent notifying the family/parents that they are in violation of the tuition contract and that the second report card will be withheld if the principal is not immediately notified and arrangements made.

          If tuition issues have not been resolved by June 15, the student will not be permitted to register for the fall semester.  The final report card and transcript will be released only when tuition has been paid in full.

          It is not the Educational Council’s intent to deny anyone a quality Catholic Education. Trinity Catholic School faces and meets many financial obligations each year to provide that quality education. This in turn requires that we ALL meet our financial obligations. Trinity Catholic School Ed. Council Revised 6/2015

Fundraising:  All families must participate in fundraising for the school and agree to raise $400 by the end of all fundraising events.  Families who do not wish to participate in fundraising may agree to pay a buyout of $400.