Trinity Wellness Program

If we are to hold true to our mission at Trinity it is of the utmost importance our curriculum and environment addresses the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of all students. The link between nutrition, physical activity, emotional health, and learning is well documented. Healthy behaviors are essential for students to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual growth leading toward the development of lifelong healthy lifestyles. Our faculty and staff has established the following goals which will enhance the wellness of our entire school community:

• All students will experience a positive nutritional environment which will promote healthful eating.

• All students will have access to foods and beverages of high nutritional value. Our school lunch program will maximize nutritional value by decreasing fat and added sugar and moderating portion sizes.

• All students, staff, and faculty will develop an awareness about nutritious food choices and enjoyable physical activity choices for a lifetime.

• All students will be provided opportunities to develop knowledge and skills necessary for maintaining physical fitness.

• All students will be provided opportunities to build community, make good decisions, and be of service to others.

• All students will participate in regular liturgical and prayer events to nurture their spiritual well-being and encourage a healthy spiritual lifestyle.