Rules for Behavior


  1. Courtesy and Respect: Trinity students are expected to treat faculty, staff, volunteers and other students with courtesy and respect at all times.  Disrespect for others or their property will not be tolerated.

  1. Preparation for Class: All students are expected to be prepared for class.  This includes coming to school with needed materials, supplies and homework.  Students will not be allowed to call home for forgotten items.

  1. Rewards and Consequences:  Students are recognized weekly for demonstrating Christian virtues.  Students exhibiting difficulty with behavior or work habits are provided encouragement and training in order to improve.  Consequences consist of:  time out, shortened recess periods and detention.  Parents are kept informed about their child’s behavior on a regular basis

  2.   Drug Paraphernalia :  Any student caught with cigarettes, vaping materials, or other illicit drugs will face suspension or expulsion from school. The Massena Police Department will be informed of the incident.