Welcome to Trinity Catholic School

Dear Parents,

When I was little, my mom let me help wash the dishes. This was a task she probably could have finished in half the time it took us to do it together. She let me help, though, because she and my dad knew it was important that their children learn how to do things like wash dishes, vacuum, and mow the lawn. Through their lessons, my siblings and I learned skills to help us survive once we left home. As an added bonus we also learned that our parents loved, trusted, and valued us.

It is so easy for us as parents to want to make everything so easy for our children, but we have to remember, as hard as it may be for us to take, we will not always be there to do that for our children. So, now is the time to teach these hard lessons and equip our children with the right defenses they need.

For this reason I want to thank you for sending your precious children to Trinity Catholic School. It is within these walls that we can equip your children with the greatest defense of all, Our Almighty God.  Our God helps us get through so many difficult things every day.  If our children are allowed to struggle and are taught to turn to our loving God to help them through it, then the rest of their lives they will understand and rely on God in good times AND bad.  If together we can do this for our children, what a wonderful peaceful world we would have.

My prayer for all of you is that you find peace and joy in your everyday lives.

God Bless you,

Kathleen Behrens



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