30 Club Winners

Congratulations to everyone who has won our 30 Club Raffle! Winners are chosen every day our school is open, with the chance to win $30 each day and $100 one time each month. AND, members have the chance to win multiple times, since there is no limit to the number of times one can win the raffle. If you haven’t become a member of our 30 Club, visit our school office to buy your ticket for only $30.

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September Winners
The Love Family
Kerri Baillargeon
Bryan/Trish Murphy
Braydon Patrick
Roberta Donahue
Linda Proulx
Mark Bogdan
Bob Fowler
Barb Peets
Justin Tredo
Joe Gray
Gilles Marceau
Dawn Corliss
Pat Rubado
Tashi Dolma
Bill Fent
Jane Layo
Colleen Haggett – $100
Aimee Poirier