30 Club Winners

Congratulations to everyone who has won our 30 Club Raffle! Winners are chosen every day our school is open, with the chance to win $30 each day and $100 one time each month. AND, members have the chance to win multiple times, since there is no limit to the number of times one can win the raffle. If you haven’t become a member of our 30 Club, visit our school office to buy your ticket for only $30.

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October Winners:

Marcia Osvoldik, Becky Good, Nancy Larue, Darin Chartrand, June Dow, Danielle White, Shelly Gilchrist, Judy Wanke, Nick Mangone, Tracey Supernault, Mike Hayden, Dan Witkop, Mary Hayes – $100 Winner, Paul Patterson, Rick Norris, Mark Goodfellow, Val Terry, Mark LaFave, Anne Bender, Russell Crowsen and Roberta Donahue.

September Winners:

Sandy Cunningham, Dak Zaza, Melissa Tenecyck, Mark and Pam Bogdan, Mackenzie Cumming, Rebecca Marlowe, Janice Cortese, Tiffany Boulais, Brenton LaGrow, Patricia Baidy, Shauna DuBray, Brooke Page, Tom and Wanda Love, Fr. Patrick Ratigan, Bill Demo, John O’Hagan, Declan Tarbell, Kevin Wells – $100 Winner, and Mary Jo Richey.