30 Club Winners

Congratulations to everyone who has won our 30 Club Raffle! Winners are chosen every day our school is open, with the chance to win $30 each day and $100 one time each month. AND, members have the chance to win multiple times, since there is no limit to the number of times one can win the raffle. If you haven’t become a member of our 30 Club, visit our school office to buy your ticket for only $30.

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            March Winners                April Winners
Sue Bellor  Jack Cummings
Chuck Raiti  Catherine Barry
Thomas Geagan  Barb Fregoe
Jeremy Marcil  Lisa Bramen
Dee Roberts  Jessie Hanky
Alda Herne  Danny Witkop
Jane Bain  Katy Fabri
Pauline LaShomb  $100 Winner – Beulah Trippany
Harmony Love  Lloyd Seguin
$100 – Mary Vierno  Doris Chenier
Bob Fowler  Laura Tarbell
Tashi Dolma  John Schneider
Randy Deshaies  Stephanie Fay
Gene Conte
Kevin Layo
      December Winners            January Winners                February Winners
Danny Witkop  Christina Smutz  Lisa Aldous
Bryan and Trish Murphy  Tom Lavigne  Monty Ralston
Brittany Murtagh  Willilam Neves  Mark Laguador
George Armstrong  Dennis Elliott  Joanne Lavine
Mr. and Mrs. Revai  Nancy Scott  Deb Beaulieu
Tracy Daniels  Rick Esterline  Beverly Eastwood
Gloria Grant  Mike and Monica Boyea  Earl Cunningham
Susan Macaulay  Vi Boisvert  Lisa Davis
Sam Cappione  Alan Schnob  Sylvie Marion
Andrea Mercurio  Merrick Bunstone  Ann Keenan
$100 – Andrew Lawrence  Cathy Bovay  Dan and Linda Case
Heidi Northrop  David Colby  Helen Shoen
Sandra Cunningham  Janine Crump  $100 – Emily Currier
Liam Petrie  Julia Dishaw  Charles Boots
Claire Ebner  $100 – Jeramy Peets  James Baker
 Brian Terry
 Barb Wing
Toni Siddon
Sandra Cunningham
       September Winners                      October Winners                            November Winners
       John and Bianca Root                 Holly Powell                    Daniel Girard
Leona Cook Helen Hunt  Sian Cootware
Ann Gebeault Catherine LaRose  Sandra Marrin
Tom Macaulay  Gary Brothers Sheila Ayotte
Elaine Dillabough Harold Terry Leo Dubray
Rick Esterline  Sharon Derouchie  Kristina Wachob
Sharon Derouchie  Lynn Whalen  Maryann Seguin
Brittany Delisle  Gary Ryan  Vince Boyea
Stephanie Young  Beverly Eastwood George Dodge
Mr. and Mrs. Revai  Lynn Whalen  David LaClair
Victor LaShomb   Brittany Delisle Bradley Premo
Barb Martin  Phil St. Amand  Jeanine Lapointe
Sylvie Marion  Marian Johnson  Jane Vantine
Anne Root  Linda Macaulay  Tim Laclair
                Bob Fay                  Debra Tyo $100 – Duane and Charlene Hazelton
Leo DuBray $100 – Gloria Sullivan   Greg Villnave
Colleen Paquette  Beaulah Trippany Reggie Cross
$100 – John King Dorothy Tyo Dorothy King
Gloria Sullivan


 2015-2016 Winners