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Homework Week of April 22nd: Welcome Back!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and break.  Please continue to practice Multiplication Facts with your children at home.

Instead of nightly assignments the children will have to complete a reading log this week that is due 4/29.  They should read for 30 minutes then complete the log.  Please make sure they use complete sentences and may use helpful words like first, then, next, last.

Please be advised we will be attending a play at Massena HS on Thursday 4/ 25 and Friday 4/26 will be early dismissal due to the gala on Saturday.


4/10: I’d like to thank you all for helping out the families in need by contributing to our Jean Days!  Please be advised the permission slip and money are due by Thursday, April 11th.  Thank you 🙂

Quick Note:  Tomorrow, April 10th will be a Jean Day to help out a family in our community in need.  Please bring in $1 to wear Jeans!

-Also Lacrosse Sticks ARE NOT allowed in school.  They may not use them at recess. Thank you 🙂

Homework Week of April 8th:

There will be no formal spelling test this week.  We will focus on our vocabulary words and overall reading strategies.  Please continue to have your children practice Multiplication and Division at home!  These skills are essential to learning Fractions and successfully progressing in the Math Curriculum.  I’d like to commend the many students who have been independently making and practicing their facts with flashcards! 🙂

Nightly Assignments:

Monday: Reading Street Workbook pg. 15

Tuesday: Write a sentence for each vocabulary word.     1. outrun  2. deserts  3.peak  4. depth  5. tides    6. waterfalls  7.average


Please Note:  Our team will be leading the prayer service on Monday, April 8th please join us at 8:45 in the Dining Hall if possible.

There is NO SCHOOL on Friday 4/12

I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday treat and all of your help at putting together the basket for the gala.  Wishing everyone a joyous Spring Break and Easter!  Hopefully we will all finally be able to enjoy some spring like weather. 🙂  Safe travels to all leaving the North Country!

Mrs. Millhausen


Jean Day on Friday, April 5th:  As a school we will be having a jean day on Friday.  If you do wear jeans please bring in a $1, or more if you choose, to help out a family  within our community in a time of need. ( This is completely optional, but will be a great way to show how caring our Trinity Family is for those around us)


Just a few quick notes:

Reading Logs are due on April 2nd.  Please make sure that your children are properly completing the assignment.  They should be writing in full sentences and summarizing what they’ve read.  If they aren’t sure how to begin the sentences for their summary they should use words like first, then, next or last.

Please continue to have children practice their Multiplication facts at home.   I’m proud to say that many of them have independently decided to use their study hall time to create index cards and practice their Math Facts without being prompted to do so. 🙂

There will be no formal homework the week of April 1st since the students will be taking the NYS ELA Assessment.  Please try to make sure your child gets a good night’s rest and eats breakfast in the morning before arriving at school.  We will be taking the test first thing in the morning.

I’d like to thank you all for helping out with the basket for the gala.  I’m looking forward to seeing what we can create in the end for the auction.  I really appreciate the assistance!

We will also be having a jersey day on Monday, April 1st.  This will wrap up our March Madness and we want to make sure we have on “our game faces” so we can beat this test as a team next week!

April Birthdays:  Jordyn 4/5 🙂

April 12th– Give Back Day. No School(Please look at the calendar on the website because this is subject to change)

April 13th-April 22nd EASTER BREAK – Have a wonderful vacation!

There will be early dismissal on April 26th in preparation for the Gala on April 27th.

As always thank you for your support!

🙂 Mrs. M.

Homework Week of March 25th:

Like last week the children’s nightly assignment will be to complete the weekly reading log.  The children should write 3 sentences about what they read for each day they fill out the log.  I’m really trying to have them focus on taking their time when completing the task, because many of them are leaving out punctuation and capitalization.  These are 2 skills that I know the students are aware of.  Also please continue to have the students practice their overall Math Facts a few times throughout the week.

Thank you for your support in helping our children succeed! 🙂

A Few Notes:  I’m looking forward to what we can create as a class for the Gala.  Any ideas or contributions are more than welcome.  Let’s show everyone how great our 3rd grade team can be!

The week of April 1st will be the New York State ELA Assessment.  Please make sure the children get a good night’s rest and eat breakfast before arriving at school.  More information will be sent home as the date comes closer.


Homework Week of March 18th: 

Please continue to practice Multiplication facts and general Math facts with your children at home.  These skills are imperative to continue to successfully progress in the curriculum.  🙂


1)Reading Log is due on Tuesday 3/19.  2)Like last week this week’s homework will be a reading log.  The reading log should be kept in the return to school side your child’s take home folder, and should be handed in on March 26th.

Monday, 3/18- No School for students (Teacher Workday in Watertown)

Tuesday, 3/19- St. Joseph’s Day Mass

Thursday, 3/21- Early Dismissal

Friday, 3/22- I do believe there will be no busing this day, but please check the school website for exact specifications


Homework Week of March 11th

** There will be a brief addition, subtraction and multiplication quiz tomorrow, Friday, March 15th.  This quiz will just have the children add and subtract.  This skill is a review from last year and we have been reviewing all week.  The worksheet sent home today would also be excellent practice.**

Please be advised Monday the children have Music.  Please make sure that they bring their recorder and folder to school! 🙂 Thank you

The homework for the remainder of March will be the completion of a weekly reading log.  Due to  the busy schedule of March we will be taking a brief break on doing weekly Spelling units and focusing more on the overall review and use of ELA/Reading skills throughout the curriculum.   I do ask that you please make sure your child is reading and filling out the reading log to his or her best ability.  The logs will be send home weekly and the children will have to read 4 out of the 7 nights within one week.  The logs will be in their take home folders and to be kept on the “return to school side.”  Also please check your child’s take home folder for information about this year’s basket for the gala.

As always thank you for your continued assistance and support!

🙂  Mrs. M


Homework Week of March 4th:  Please continue to practice Multiplication Tables with your children at home.  We are continuing on to Division and Fractions and it’s imperative they know their Multiplication Tables for them to continue to progress as well as they have been.  Thank you 🙂  Also please be advised this week’s Spelling words are the same from last week.  They should be written in your child’s planner on February 25th.

Nightly Assignments:  Please be aware homework is subject to change.

Monday:  Spelling Test Friday

Practice Multiplication Facts for 15 minutes

Tuesday:  Write each spelling word and then write the meaning of the word

Wednesday: Spelling ABC order

Thursday: Spelling Test tomorrow

Please check your child’s take home folder nightly for the schedule of all the Lent Activities.  This will be a busy month!  

Homework Week of February 25:

I hope everyone had a fun and restful break.  This week’s spelling words will be a few new and a few review words.  This will be a 2 week unit and there will not be a formal Spelling test this Friday.  We’ll be focusing on the meaning of prefixes and suffixes and how they change the meaning of the base word.   Also instead of the usual homework this week I will be assigning nightly reading and brief comprehension activities.  The children may choose a book that interests them.  On Monday we will review ways to find a “just right book.”  In Math we will be continuing Multiplication and beginning to see how it correlates with Division.  Please continue to practice Multiplication Facts at home because it will make Division and Fractions much easier for the children to understand in the future.

~ Also please be aware the children now have an assignment to practice their recorders nightly.  Please make sure that they bring their recorders and practice journal for every Day 5 on a weekly basis.~

Thank you for all of your help, as always!

Nightly Assignments:

Monday:  Read for 20 minutes then write the names of 2 characters and write 2 traits for each character.

Tuesday: Read for 20 minutes then tell the plot.  Use the words first, next, then and last.

Wednesday: Read for 20 minutes then sketch what you’ve read about.  Make sure to include the characters, setting and what the characters are doing(plot).


Spelling words: 1. beautiful  2. cheerful  3.spotless  4. illness  5.safely  6. daily  7.unknown  8.unload  9.rewrite  10.recall  11.mistake  12. misspell