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~November News~

I can’t believe it’s November already.  This month will be very busy so please look at the school calendar as well as reminders sent home for Early Dismissal Days and Parent Teacher Conferences.  Everyone should have received their scheduled time and day for Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please notify the school if you cannot attend.

This month we will continue to discuss and learn about animal adaptations.  In SS the students will continue to work on their Map Skills as well as learn about Veteran’s Day.  In Math we will be moving into working with strategies and memorizing particular Multiplication Tables.  For Reading we will focus on our stamina to help make us become better readers, and overall skills to help identify basic story elements within a text.  We will also be completing our Thanksgiving writing as well as continuing weekly journal prompts.  I am going to continue to try to get the students on i-Ready as much as possible.

Birthdays:   Logan & Olivia

Homework Week of 11/5: Please check your child’s planner nightly because assignments are subject to change.  Thank you!  Also the students will now be writing  a brief daily behavior note to you in their planners.  It’s not imperative that it be signed and returned, but I suggest that you look at it to see how your child is progressing.

Monday: Spelling Test Friday

Spelling ABC Order

Tuesday: Spelling Sentences

Wednesday: Please be advised it’s an Early Dismissal Day

Thursday:  Use skip counting to write your 2 and 5 times table facts

Spelling Test Tomorrow

This Week’s Spelling Words: 1. fruit         2. cute  3. mule                4. stool 5. few  6. rules 7. net

  1. knew 9. bedroom 10. musical     11. rescue    12. spoon

Homework Week of 11/12:¬† Please check your child‚Äôs planner nightly because assignments are subject to change.¬† Also the children will be writing a brief behavior note daily at the end of the school day to let you know how they¬† did on the ‚ÄúIn the Game‚ÄĚ chart in class.


Monday: NO SCHOOL-  Happy Veteran’s Day

Tuesday:  Spelling Test Friday

Put spelling words in ABC order

Wednesday:  Write each spelling word.  Write L next to the word if the vowel sound is long, and S if the vowel sound is short.

Thursday:  Spelling Test tomorrow

Friday:  Early Dismissal(Please look at the school calendar for exact time)  Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Spelling List:   1. dinner                  2. thankful                          3.turkey                               4.knife        

  1. feast 7. potato 8. stuffing                            9.tradition                             10.autumn

Week of November 19th:¬† Due to the early dismissals and shortened week they’ll¬† be no homework or spelling list this week.¬† The children should still continue to work on their weekly Book-It read.¬† This will be due the last day of the month.¬† Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!!

Mon 11/26:  Spelling Test Friday.  Please put Spelling Words in ABC order.

Tues 11/27:  Write a sentence for each spelling word.

Wed 11/28:  Write L next to each spelling word if the vowel sound is LONG and S, if the vowel sound is short.

Thurs 11/29:¬† Please study for tomorrow’s spelling test.¬† Book-It is also due Fri 11/30.

Spelling List:1.  football     2.sunglasses     3.homework     4.haircut     5.popcorn     6.railroad     7.snowstorm     8.earring     9.scarecrow    10.blueberry     11.butterflies     12.lawnmower

Mon 12/3: Spelling Test Friday.  Please put words in ABC order.

Tues 12/4: Write a  sentence for each spelling word.

Wed 12/5: Please write the number of syllables next to each spelling word (Clap them).

Thurs 12/6: Please study for tomorrow’s Spelling Test.

Spelling List:  1.splash  2. throw  3. three  4. square  5. throat  6. strike  7. street  8. split  9. splurge  10.  thrill  11. strength  12. squeak

We will be practicing for the Christmas Program 12/10-12/13.  As a result, there will be no Homework and no Spelling Test, this week.  The children  will need to wear white angel robes for the Christmas Concert.

Mon. 12/17  :Spelling Test Friday.  Please put words in ABC order.

Tues. 12/18:  Please put each spelling word, in a sentence.

Wed. 12/19:  Please write the number of syllables, next to each word (Clap them).

Thurs. 12/20:¬† Please study for tomorrow’s test:

Spelling List:  1. father  2. chapter  3. other  4. alphabet  5. watch  6. English  7. weather  8. catch  9. fashion  10. shrink  11. pitcher  12. flash