Disciples in Action

Our Disciples in Action

Students who stand out demonstrating Christian values are recognized each week as “Disciples in Action.”   Parents of  students  being  recognized as “Disciples  in  Action” will be notified in advance so they can  attend  and  witness their child receiving such a special award at our Monday Morning Prayer Service. Parents, grandparents and  parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend our Monday Morning Prayer Services.  It is a wonderful and joyful way to begin each week.

Jocelyn White
Molly Lannis
Hayleigh Ashley
Sebastian Fent
Alex Mather
Jacob Baillargeon
Gwen Austin
Galen Young
Noah Park
Breydon Cootware
Alex Tarbell
December January   February
Yajna Chakranarayan Aayden Lawrence Ben Powell
Liam O’Neill Ella Weir Cheyenne Dodson
Alex Guevara Chase Cameron Alexis Boulais
Sophia Greco Jack Prashaw
Roeby Northrup Aaden Tarbell
Taylor Ellsworth Aaron Thompson
Margaret Wagstaff Addie Tarbell
Connor Paquette Carson Roberts
Aayden Lawrence Logan David
Jordan DuBray
Deacon Tsibulsky
Ainsley Cromie
Jack Prashaw
September                                 October                                   November                                    
Sawyer Girard Tony Guimond Reese Wachob
Thomas Eggleston Brandon Barnes Paige Francis
Layla Currier John Grogan Lily Tiernan
Kain LaFave Riely Northrop Drake Love
Deacon Tsibulsky Oliver Hebb
Ella Murtagh Gemma Girard
Beatrix Powell Jeremiah Hurlbut,
Mallory Tsibulsky
Rosie Ilisco
Brooke Terry