Disciples in Action

Our Disciples in Action

Students who stand out demonstrating Christian values are recognized each week as “Disciples in Action.”   Parents of  students  being  recognized as “Disciples  in  Action” will be notified in advance so they can  attend  and  witness their child receiving such a special award at our Monday Morning Prayer Service. Parents, grandparents and  parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend our Monday Morning Prayer Services.  It is a wonderful and joyful way to begin each week.

October January March
Collin Murphy – Mrs. Stewart Evan Bovay – Mrs. Borsellino Alex Tarbell – Recognized by Emily Currier
Bella Slate – Miss Brush Addie Tarbell – Miss Bombard Rayden Ashley – Mrs. LaValley
Jack Radel – Miss Brush David LaClair – Mrs. Borsellino
 November Isla LaCourse – Mrs. Stewart Keegan Roberts – Miss Brush
Chase Cameron – Recognized by Emily Currier Gwen Austin – Mrs. Borsellino Logan Petrie – Mrs. Stewart
Aubrie Cameron – Mrs. Doe Nathaniel Keleher – Mrs. Borsellino Alexa Westmacott – Mrs. Borsellino
Dylan Hendricks – Miss Brush Terra Gibbs – Miss Maynard Aiden Tarbell – Miss Brush
Mason McDonald – Mrs. Lavalley Sadie Fent – Mrs. Woodard Madison Laguador – Miss Maynard
Emmalyn Faucher – Miss Brush Carson Roberts – Mrs. Woodard Ava Tarbell – Mrs. Stewart
Logan Petrie – Mrs. Stewart’s Lilian Fregoe – Mrs. Woodard
 February Jeremiah Hurlbut – Mrs. Woodard & Mrs. Currier
December Austin Hanley – Mrs. Marsh Deacon Tsibulsky – Mrs. Woodard
Layla Currier – Mrs. Ilisco Jack Prashaw – Mrs. Ilisco
Ella Matejcik – Mrs. Borsellino Brooklyn Laguador – Mrs. Marsh
Molly Lannis – Miss Bombard Audrina McAllister – Mrs. Borsellino
Sophia Greco – Mrs. Borsellino Owen Delisle – Mrs. Doe
Beatrix Powell – Miss Maynard Gwen Bero – Mrs. Marsh
Zoe Smoke – Mrs. Stewart’s Henry Tredo – Mrs. Stewart
Brandon Barnes – Miss Bombard
Beckett Sovie – Miss Brush
Ryan Hunt – Miss Brush
Alex Mather – Mrs. Borsellino
Taylor Ellsworth – Mrs. Borsellino
Zoe Powell – Miss Brush