Study Habits and Homework

STUDY HABITS: Good study habits in and out of school are essential for true learning. It is only when parents cooperate in providing a proper environment for study at home that the efforts of the school are completed and fruitful. Academic success is achieved when teachers, parents, and students accept their roles and responsibilities within the educational process.

Teachers’ Responsibilities:
• Teachers should demonstrate and teach students effective techniques for studying.
• Teachers should provide enriching and motivating assignments that will reinforce what has been taught and allow students opportunities to practice skills necessary for academic success.
• Teachers should provide effective feedback for each assignment given.

Parents’ Responsibilities:
• Provide a suitable place with minimum distractions for homework and studying.
• Set aside a regular time each day Monday through Thursday for homework, studying, and reading.
• Encourage independence and responsibility by allowing children to learn from natural consequences. If materials and resources to do homework are regularly forgotten at school, don’t bring them back to retrieve these items. If homework is not completed within an appropriate time frame allow children to accept the consequences at school the next day.
• Help with homework if it is needed but parents should never do the work for their child.

Students’ Responsibilities:
• Do homework to the best of their ability.
• Set aside a regular time and a quiet environment for studying.
• Read every day outside of school.

Homework Guidelines:
• Homework on the last day of the week will be minimal. There will be no homework over long vacations.
• Time will be allotted in class for students to work on long-range projects.
• If a student occasionally fails to complete homework,it will be up to the teacher’s discretion as to how to remedy the situation. If a student consistently fails to complete homework, parents and teachers will meet to develop an intervention plan.
• Parents may write a note excusing a child from homework if he/she is ill or has worked significantly past the allotted time for homework.
• If a student is out of school for a trip, vacation, or extracurricular activity homework will not be given ahead of time.
• If students miss work due to illness, travel, etc., they will be given a reasonable amount of time to make up essential work upon their return.

• Grades 1-2: No more than 15 minutes
• Grade 3: No more than 30 minutes.
• Grade 4: No more than 45 minutes.
• Grades 5-6: No more than 60 minutes.