School Lunch Program


If you ask any Trinity alumnus to describe a favorite memory about the years they spent here, their answer is always the same, “the school lunches.”   Our cafeteria staff is committed to serving delicious and nutritious lunches at an affordable cost.  We participate in the Federal School Lunch Program and the Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program is available to our families.  Applications for this program are sent to each family before the start of the school year and are also available in  the school office throughout the year if a financial need arises. Student prices for the 2015-2016 school year are as follows: Lunch – $2.25 and Milk – $0.60.   Paying for and tracking your child’s lunches is made easy through the “Heartland Payment Systems” (Nutrikids)  online program.   Lunch menus are posted on our website at the beginning of each month.  Students who bring their lunch should bring nutritious lunches from home.  Students should not have “fast food” lunches delivered to them.  Beverages may only be: water, milk, or juice. Soda is NOT allowed.


  • All students will experience a positive nutritional environment which will promote healthful eating.
  • All students will have access to foods and beverages of high nutritional value. Our school lunch program will maximize nutrition by decreasing fat and added sugar and moderating portion sizes.
  • All students, staff and faculty will develop an awareness about nutritious food choices and enjoyable physical activity choices for a lifetime.
  • All students will be provided opportunities to develop knowledge and skills necessary for maintaining physical fitness.
  • All students will be provided opportunities to build community, make good decisions and be of service to others.
  • All students will participate in regular liturgical and prayer events to nurture their spiritual well-being and encourage a healthy, spiritual life.