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Art Club News

Art Club Dates:

Art club will begin soon! 

It will be held on every Day 2, and permission slips will be sent home when it gets closer to starting!  Any canceled meetings will be announced! 

Art Club Projects:

  • Veterans prayer service gift for our veterans!

  • Bottle cap mural (this is an on going project we are doing in class and will continue to work on in art club!)


Artist of the Month

David Levine

American Caricaturist

Born: December 20, 1926

Died: December 29, 2009

Interesting Facts:

  • Was one of the greatest caricaturists in history

  • His caricatures usually have huge heads with tiny, telling bodies

  • He was called the "King of Cross-Hatching" because of his use of line in his drawings

  • Used the technique of cross-hatching to create all the textures of hair, skin, and cloth

  • Was also a serious painter, and most known are his many landscape paintings of Coney Island


I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed.  ~Vincent van Gogh

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. ~Leonardo da Vinci

All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ~Pablo Picasso

Ancora Impara.  (I am still learning) ~Michelangelo

Creativity takes courage.  ~Henri Matisse







Trinity Knights

Art Room News

Stop by the school and check out the amazing student artwork currently on display!

Currently On Display...

Be sure to check out all the fantastic art on display in the breezeway and dining hall!


Art Museum Links

National Museum of the American Indian

The Guggenheim

Smithsonian American Art Museum

National Museum of African Art

Everson Museum of Art

Frederic Remington Art Museum

National Gallery of Art


Museum of Modern Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vatican Museums

Smithsonian Museums

The British Museum



So... What's Happening In Art Class?

         Pre-K: We have been learning about the story of Christmas and created manger scenes using construction paper and stickers!  Pre-K also created mosaic star of Bethlehem collages using pieces of colored tissue paper!

         JK: We have been learning about the birth of Jesus, and created handprint manger paintings with construction paper details!  We also learned about the Advent candles and made oil pastel Advent wreaths!

         K: We have been concentrating on the birth of Jesus!  Kindergarten made watercolor resist Sheep in a Bethlehem Field paintings, and also created Manger Snow Globe oil pastel drawings!  Students were asked "What do you think the Shepherds said when they saw the star in the sky the night Jesus was born?" Many great thoughts!

         1st: Created special abstract Christmas trees with the theme "Jesus is the reason for the season."  Students wrote about what Christmas really means on each of the 'branches' of their tree!  1st grade also created Town of Bethlehem Manger silhouette paintings!

         2nd: Students made watercolor resist Star of Bethlehem paintings as well as watercolor resist Star of Bethlehem Winter Tree paintings

         3rd: Students learned about chalk pastels and made baby Jesus in the manger drawings.  Students also created chalk pastel Town of Bethlehem drawings

         4th: Students learned about tints and shades and created Manger silhouette paintings.  Students are also working on Klimt inspired Holy Family oil pastel drawings

         5th:  Students learned about artist Vincent van Gogh and his painting, Starry Night, and then created their own Starry Night Manger oil pastel drawings inspired by van Gogh's work!  Students have also been working on color theory and created magazine collage color wheels.  Up next will be an edible color wheel!

         6th: Students created their own Christmas card designs after learning about what card designs involve in the commercial market.  Students also learned about tints and shades and created Three Wise Men silhouette paintings!


The Art Room Rules:

Do your Best

Listen to Directions

Speak Kindly

Show Respect

Use Time Wisely

Use Materials Correctly

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