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School News

Here is the teacher class-clip-artline up for next year (keeping in mind that some of this can change if we gain students over the summer):
Pre-K: Lisa Witkop and Vanessa Bishop
JK – Mrs. Stewart
Kinder – Miss Maynard (rm 203) Mrs. Doe (rm 201)
1st – Mrs. Marsh
2nd – Mrs. LaValley
3rd – Miss Brush
4th – Mrs. Ilisco (rm 4 )and Mrs. Woodard (rm 5)
5th – Mrs. Borsellino
6th – Miss Bombard

video symbolVids of our Kids!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our YouTube station, you may want to see a few of our recent events…our Student Video for the GalaArts Festival,  Ascension Mass, Kindergarten Celebration, Pre-K Celebration, and our 4-6 Grade rendition of our very own Be the Miracle Song,   We are sure you will enjoy them all!